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Real Estate & Airbnb Photography


Photos are going to be the first thing a potential buyer sees of your real estate property. 

In a competitive environment there are always plenty of properties on the market and it can be tough getting buyers’ attention.

The quality of the images to market your property has never been more important. Photos that balance lighting, colour, angles and styling work best to showcase a property.

It’s temping to get your camera or smart phone and start shooting away or to ask a friend to do it. Using the cheapest “professional” photographer with a run and gun approach will also fall way short. 

Really great real estate photos take planning, consideration, time and more than a little know how. The more your property is worth the better the photos to market your property need to be. 

Higher end real estate buyers don’t just want to see ultra wide angle images that are brightly lit. They also want to experience the character of the house or apartment. Subtle use of lighting, considered framing of spaces and on trend styling all help to elevate images to attract buyers.

Prices start from $185. More prices and packages here.

Peter Berzanskis
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