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Architecture Photography


Architecture photography, like architecture itself, is a blend of art and science. As a photographer I’m not going to lean too heavily in either direction. Not so technical that the beauty is lost, and not so much art that it no longer represents the architect’s vision.

My approach to architectural photography is to understand what the architect is hoping to see from a set of images.  I’ll start with a discussion with the architect about their practice and the type of work they do. I’ll look at a portfolio of their previous work to get a deeper understanding, then either visit the site they want shot beforehand, or look at the architect’s designs and drawings and discuss with the architect what they want to specifically achieve for that project.

From there I can create a plan as detailed or as loose as the architect determines. The number of final images, the amount of time on location and price varies from project to project and will be determined by the brief that’s settled on between the architect and myself.

I shoot using professional level Canon cameras and lenses including a tilt shift lens. Generally I’ll work with available ambient light but will introduce flash and strobe lights when needed. Editing is done in Photoshop.

Peter Berzanskis

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Peter Berzanskis